Yacht Management

Employing a yacht management staff will alleviate you of the day-to-day duties and operations associated with superyacht ownership. An accomplished yacht management team will oversee all responsibilities associated with boat management. SeaNet Europe provides first-class yacht management to all SeaNet owners, regardless of their location in the world, and assures the highest levels of operations and maintenance for your yacht. Here are four reasons why you should invest in top yacht management so that you can focus solely on enjoying your yacht.

Financial & Cost Control

Finances are one of the primary advantages of collaborating with a yacht management service like SeaNet Europe. Together with the yacht’s owners, a yacht manager can assist in establishing an annual budget to manage expenses and costs. Working with the skipper, the yacht manager can adopt any necessary cost control measures and provide complete transparency in all accounting-related areas. A yacht management staff can also assist in negotiating discounts with potential suppliers.

Crew Management

SeaNet Europe recognizes that a reliable and trustworthy crew is essential for the efficient operation of a superyacht. Having developed a specialized crew recruitment and management staff, the company has implemented a bi-monthly crew rotation programme that has resulted in the optimal work-life balance. SeaNet Europe, which has some of the greatest crew retention rates in the business, also provides on-the-job training. The Crew management staff will assist the captain and the owner in all aspects of crew management.

Certification & Compliance

An expert yacht manager is familiar with all international codes, including the ISM Code (International Safety Management) and ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code), as all superyachts are required to comply with several security and safety protocols (International Ship and Port Facility Security). Working with a yacht manager will guarantee that the yacht is constantly in compliance with any new requirements, regardless of its location.

Technical and Safety Upkeep

SeaNet Europe maintains close partnerships with top shipyards, naval architects, suppliers, and more in order to provide yacht owners and captains with the greatest technical and safety support. From obtaining bids from various vendors to organizing audits, inspections, and regulatory surveys, the yacht manager oversees every aspect of the vessel’s safe operation.