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How To Take Care Of Your Mental Well-being In Quarantine?

It takes a fraction of minutes to burst out in anger, frustration, or get depressed when you are in quarantine. Nobody can or should blame you for it.

However, it is serving you no good.

As people have become more aware of this correlation between mental well-being and physical health, there has been an increased focus on improving mental health. Covid could have made our mental health scenarios worst.

But, we cannot deny that it also brought light to the issues that we always threw under the rug! However, to bring in a healthy balance for the “new-normal life,” we have to pay attention to our mental well-being!

Here are three simple but significant ways to improve your mental well-being in quarantine.

1 – Practice Mindfulness

You do not have to sit in meditation for hours to be mindful. Only a 10-minute meditation can do wonders for your mental health.

Being mindful means being aware of your senses; by being present in the moment, you are allowing yourself to focus on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. One who struggles with mental health issues can adapt to a mindfulness approach in tiny simple ways.

When you have to work from home, you can easily fall into unhealthy sleeping patterns or snacking habits. These small actions can make you feel more anxious or stressed, whether you realize it or not. So, being mindful of small acts in your daily schedules can improve your mental well-being in surprising ways!

2 – Engage In Physical Activity

Mental health and physical health are so connected that it is not possible to not talk about it. You can not disagree with the fact that only twenty-minute cardio at home has the potential of lifting your mood drastically. So, don’t let the closed gyms make you escape your workouts.

Researches have shown that exercises reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and negative emotions. It gives you that required dose of endorphins that will not only keep you happy but optimistic. If you are not a fan of cardio workouts, you can go for a walk in the neighborhood; it doesn’t matter even if you decide to play any sport; any physical activity would do the work.

Cathay Pacific believes in giving you a wholesome health experience that includes mind, body, and soul. It will not only help you become more physically fit with the exercise and yoga plans but become more mindful too because it provides the ideas to assist you in the process of slowing down.

3 – Don’t Neglect Fun

When you don’t have much to do or have a lot to do, you get bored or exhausted. In both scenarios, you can participate in fun activities. If you are bored and have nothing much to do, you can participate in online classes or virtual workshops to learn the skill; which you always wanted to!

 If you are exhausted after a frustrating sitting-in-chair day and do not have any energy to learn something new, you can do things that help you release you calm your nerves. Do not go to bed that stressed.

A constant state of boredom, stress, or exhaustion damages your mental health. Learning something new or doing something new will help your brain stimulate positive emotions. And that eventually improves those wrecked mental health issues.


In these times, it is natural to feel lonely and depressed. Know that we all are in the same situations. The best way to improve your mental well-being is to stay in touch with our community. Reach out to friends, family, co-workers for help or a simple chat; you will not feel lonely. Loneliness can make the situation of quarantine worst.

Sometimes, all we need is that human connection or the sense of belonging to feel better about ourselves. Don’t worry too much about your mental well-being; remember that you can repair the damage.