Choosing Between Single Trip and Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: Which One Is Right for You?

Travelling and exploring new destinations is a source of joy for many individuals. With many people initiating journeys every year, or some even every month, travel plans involve a certain degree of uncertainty. Unforeseen events, such as medical emergencies, lost baggage, or trip cancellations at the last minute, can easily disrupt your plans and lead to financial losses.

To effectively mitigate such risks when you are travelling for any intent, a travel insurance policy or business travel insurance, in case you are travelling for business, is crucial. However, with hundreds of travel insurance plans available in the market, it might be difficult to choose one. Below is a guide to two of the most popular traveller insurance types.

 Types of Travel Insurance Policy

Whether you are about to gear up for a 3-4 week backpacking trip or find yourself on and off a flight on a monthly business trip, there exist traveller insurance plans tailored to the duration and frequency of your journey. Two primary types of travel health insurance come into play. The sections below discuss them.

 Single-Trip Travel Insurance

Single-trip travel insurance, as the name implies, offers coverage for a specific vacation or journey. The concept of a single trip is defined as the period from leaving India to returning, remaining active for the duration of that specific trip, typically up to a maximum of 180 days.

This traveller insurance can also be extended for another 180 days in most cases. A single-trip travel insurance will be ideal for you if you are certain that you will only be making one trip abroad in one year.

 Features of Single-Trip Travel Insurance:

●         Cost-Effective for Occasional Travellers:

Single-trip travel insurance proves to be economically beneficial for people who travel sporadically or only decide on one or two journeys annually. The individual only incurs expenses for coverage when needed, which eliminates the additional costs.

●         Flexibility:

Tailoring your trip insurance to match the specifics of your trip is a key advantage. Some insurers provide the flexibility to customise coverage based on factors such as destination and trip duration.

●         Comprehensive Coverage:

Single-trip travel insurance from one of the leading insurers, Tata AIG, typically encompasses a wide range of protection, consisting of facets like trip cancellations or interruption, medical emergencies, baggage loss or delay, and personal liability.

●         Additional Benefits:

Additional perks such as coverage of adventure sports rental car protection or emergency evacuation can also be offered depending on the chosen insurer and policy. Ensure to buy travel insurance online which aligns with your trip itinerary to get the best coverage.

 Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

A multi-trip travel insurance, also referred to as the annual traveller insurance extends coverage for over a year. This travel insurance is ideal for people who regularly engage in frequent trips abroad or multiple trips within a short time frame.

This trip insurance option proves especially beneficial for individuals whose professional commitments involve regular international travel throughout the year.

 Features of Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

●         Coverage for Multiple Destinations:

This insurance includes coverage for journeys to various destinations, which offers versatility and assurance to the travellers.

●         Convenience:

With coverage spanning throughout the entire year, a multi-trip travel insurance policy streamlines the process and effectively provides peace of mind for frequent travellers engaged in business or other endeavours that involve globe trotting.

●         Coverage Duration:

An annual or multi-trip travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage for 365 days, accommodating an unlimited number of trips within a year. However, it’s crucial to note that each trip shall not exceed 90 days.

●         Premium:

While the annual multi-trip travel insurance policy comes with a slightly higher premium compared to its single-trip counterpart, its convenience and cost-effectiveness make it the optimal choice for those planning multiple international trips within a year.

 Which One Should You Choose?

Now that you’re familiar with the features of both types of traveller insurance, choosing the right plan depends on your travel needs, frequency, and trip itinerary.

Validity Valid for a single trip within a fixed tenure Valid for multiple trips within a fixed tenure
Customisation Every trip is customisable The same policy for any trips within the year
Best Suitable People who will travel once a year People who travel throughout the year
Premium Typically low Typical higher

Before choosing one, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the number of trips you plan in a year?
  • For how long will you stay?
  • What is the cost of each plan?

 To Sum Up

Though both traveller insurance provides ample benefits for travellers, it is significant to acknowledge the nature of the trip before you buy travel insurance online.

Conduct thorough research and compare several policies to ensure you choose the one that best fits your needs.